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More about me: artistic influences

Personal / No Comment / 18 March 2018

|’ll spare you the usual ‘I took my first pictures since at the age of 10 and since then I’ve been hooked’ stuff (although that’s true). Instead let me go deeper and tell you about some of the artistic influences on my work.

The first and perhaps the biggest one is my personality. I love meeting people and making new friends. It’s hugely rewarding to build a rapport with engaged couples and, of course, wedding days are highly social by their nature. Then for the photographer the absorbing work begins, post-processing photos to the highest standard possible and producing albums that will become family heirlooms. This combination is what makes wedding photography so rewarding, from my point of view.

The world view

The international wedding photographers whose work I most admire are Katelyn James, Jerry Ghionis and Roberto Valenzuela. I won’t post their photos here for copyright reasons, so I encourage you to follow the links below.

Virginia-based Katelyn has built a formidably strong and consistent brand with her trademark mint green colour at its heart. She is the queen of the glowy style, as she describes it, that’s currently in vogue. Many photographers aspire to imitate her success.

Jerry could be described as ‘the light-whisperer’. His images are immaculately crafted and mesmerising in their execution.

Roberto‘s imagery has a dream-like, ethereal quality. Work of his calibre deserves to be printed big and displayed as wall art. He also has an incredible personal story. Originally from Mexico, he won a political debating competition in Arizona, then triumphed at the national competition. He then met President Clinton, who had himself met JFK after taking part in the same competition a generation previously. But because Roberto was classified as an illegal immigrant, he lost the military scholarship he had been promised. So instead, to fund his college course by giving lessons, he taught himself the classical guitar from scratch to professional concert performance standard.

From the commercial world, the photographer whose work I most revere is Erik Almås. He specialises in composite images that bring together elements from a number of different scenes, often to fantastical effect His use of lighting outdoors is completely sublime. I respond in a similar way to the architectural paintings of Canaletto, with their sharp geometric lines and bright colours.

Deeper into the past

In the world of portraiture, I love the work of Vermeer, not least the slightly austere and enigmatic Portrait of a girl with a pearl earring. At the other end of the scale, Emile Vernon brought light and airy to life in female portraiture over a century ago. His subjects, with their curls and rosy complexions, convey an almost saccharine sweetness.

I also love portraits set in the landscape, as practised by California-based studio, Lin & Jirsa, who run the popular photography community SLR Lounge. Close to home, as a Romsey wedding photographer, there are some lovely shoot locations in and around the town: Sadler’s Mill, the Memorial Park, the South Garth next to Romsey Abbey. There are also beautiful landscapes all around; the sunset shown as the featured image for this post was shot at Braishfield. I look forward to taking advantage of them in my photos.

So that’s a bit more about me. I hope some of what influences me resonates with you, too. If you’d like to discuss how I can capture your wedding, or just make some stylish portrait images of you, please get in touch.

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