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Forest walk family photo shoot

Behind the scenes / No Comment / 15 November 2016

A couple of weeks ago, Gemma Wilks invited me to photograph her family on a Sunday morning walk. They live on the edge of the New Forest and this time of year is perfect for colourful shots in the woods.

Setting out from their village, we crunched over decade’s worth of dead leaves and beech mast.

Woman holding hands with little girl and boy, walking through sunlit woodland in autumn.

Their first stop was to look at some toadstools growing on a dead tree trunk.

Mother, son and excited daughter peering around a tree in the New Forest.

It was also the occasion for hide-and-seek. I just love this expression from Gemma’s daughter!

Woman with little boy and girl sitting on a log in the New Forest.

A brief group shot on a log didn’t quite work in terms of getting the youngsters’ attention, but it was a nice moment nonetheless. The light worked especially well for this shot.

Woman, girl and dog walking through path in the New Forest.

Their dog was clearly enjoying his run through the Forest, too!

Black and white dog wearing a red collar running through autumn leaves.

The turning point in our walk was a road that Gemma suggested as a good backdrop. Here, the children are running towards me, clearly enjoying every moment.

Little boy and girl running through the New Forest on an autumn morning.

A lull in traffic enabled us to get the shots Gemma envisaged:

Woman holding hands with young girl and boy looking right before crossing a road in the New Forest.

Then we turned back across the Forest to the road back to their village:

Mother with her son, daughter and dog, posing in a road in the New Forest.

I got lucky as Gemma’s daughter skipped along…

Young girl with long blonde hair in pink coat skipping along a New Forest road.

The children were keen to be photographed on the green. I was happy to oblige.

Young boy with glasses and young girl with blonde hair and pink coat running across a village green. Their mother is smiling in the background.

It was a great morning out; I was pleased to spend time with Gemma and her children, not forgetting the dog.

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