Woman in red dress and man in dark suit kiss in front of yacht marina at dusk

Ocean Village city waterfront couple shoot with Jenny and Paul

My friends Jenny and Paul were happy to take up my suggestion of a shoot at Ocean Village in Southampton. The location affords possibilities for dramatic city waterfront skylines. This would contrast well with their idyllic couple shoot at Lakeside Country Park.

We met in the early eveningĀ  and began with some relatively formal couple shots, taking advantage of the last rays of direct sunshine. Then, taking some photos of them walking arm-in-arm, we worked our way around the quayside. I expected to contend with parties of drunk revellers but was surprised to find it very quiet and civilised.

By the time we got around the far side of the marina, the light was fading fast into a spectacular sunset. They gamely consented to continue posing until it got took too dark for my camera’s auto-focus to work accurately. Lights twinkling from buildings around the waterfront and the velvety-blue sky made for a spectacular backdrop to photos illuminated by off-camera flash.

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