About me

As someone who’s been happily married for over a decade, I know how big the commitment is that you’re going to make to each other. It’s going to bring a new dimension of happiness and mutual support to your lives.

I also know how important it is to get meaningful photographs of your wedding day that will stand the test of time. That’s why I try to capture as beautiful romantic portraits as well as the set-piece group photos. Since you’ve chosen the venue for your ceremony and reception at least partly on the basis of its ambience, I take care to show it in all its glory. I also capture all the little details you have put in to make the day unique to you.

My journey into wedding photography comes via shooting portraits and events at Ordnance Survey, where I used to work. I also photograph events and services at Romsey Abbey, where I sing in the choir. This gives me a particular affinity with church weddings.

Rachel, my wife, is a freelance writer and editor. She runs one of the top 10 interior design blogs in Britain, Fresh Design Blog, and is expert at crochet, Jewellery-making and all sorts of other crafts.

And our tabby, Binky? Well, she’s good at sleeping and attention-seeking. Does a cat need to do more?





Roses in our garden

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