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Romantic Romsey

Vintage charm in the Test Valley

Romsey is a pretty market town in Hampshire, a few miles north of Southampton. The cathedral cities of Winchester and Salisbury are just over 10 and 15 miles away, respectively. The town is dominated by its Norman Abbey, which serves as its parish church and is very popular for wedding services. I’ve been a member of the choir there for nearly 25 years. On its southern edge is is Broadlands, the country estate where Charles and Diana spent the first part of their honeymoon in 1981. Other local wedding venues include The White Horse, The Cromwell Arms, Kimbridge Barn and the Potter’s Heron Hotel.

To show off what a beautiful backdrop Romsey can be for wedding images, I recently took a couple in full wedding attire around the town with my camera. Olivia George Bridal of Winchester loaned the dresses, and Judy Webb Florist of Romsey kindly provided a bouquet of white roses, lizzinanthus and lysimachia.

The Abbey is Romsey’s main landmark. It’s an imposing backdrop for any photo, both inside and out. Emma, in her fit and flare Phoenix gown, is almost dwarfed by the stained-glass windows at the east end of the church.

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Cinematic images

The spacious green outside lets you include the whole of the Abbey in the frame. Emma and her fiancé Aaron were able to adopt suitably romantic poses on the green.


The Abbey’s north porch and the Church Road approach also frame couple portraits beautifully.


If you’re getting married at the United Reformed Church, its little garden is a lovely spot for a couple portrait. The stream beneath leads your eye into the scene. So too does the perspective in another scene around the corner in Abbey Water, where railings vanish into the distance.


The labyrinth in the grounds of Wisdom House proved to be a great spot for a ‘veil toss’ portrait. I love the way the concentric circles draw your eye to the couple.


Private dance

The bandstand in the Memorial Park provided another focal point. By this stage, Emma had changed into another Phoenix dress – a 50s style, traditional satin ballgown. Her elegant waltz there with Aaron was a great way to show off the second dress she wore.


Riverside romance

Finally, Sadler’s Mill is a gorgeous spot for couple photographs by the River Test. The views work both up and down the river. It’s a few minutes’ walk from the town centre, so it might not be practical to visit if your wedding day is running on a tight schedule. Is there a waterside location you can use in your town or village?


If you’re planning a wedding in Romsey, do get in touch. I’d love to capture beautiful photographs like these for you on your big day.


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